Body Moist

A well-hydrated and nourished body is the result you will experience with this treatment. Utilizing the award-winning Vitamin A•C•E Body Cream in combination with relaxing and luxurious scented oil and lotion, your body will feel revitalized.

Altiv Peeling

This active body exfoliation uses super fine mineral salt packed with minerals and a harmonious, naturally scented orange, lime and sage body oil to release all stress and dispel all tension. The skin is silky and hydrated.

Aromatherapy Massage

Treat yourself to a customized citric scented massage (lime, lemon and orange) for ultimate relaxation and regeneration.


Balneology is using the healing power of water with the regenerating power of the Earth. Combined in this therapy is a lavish milk bath with herbal tea to induce perfect relaxation and stress relief. This bath is the perfect companion to the aromatherapy massage.

Relax the Back

Looking to focus just on the most tense area, the back, this targeted but effective treatment will get down and dirty to release even the most intense stress.



Body Firm

This mulit-tasking body treatment aims to firm tissue, lift the skin and energize the body. A milky exfoliation will remove dead skin cells, a creamy spirulina pack will supply essential elements for lifting the tissue and an energy oil will stimulate the senses.

Aktiv Peeling

This active body exfoliation uses super fine mineral salt packed with minerals and an invigorating, naturally scented orange and petit grain body oil to stimulate mind, body and spirit. The skin is silky and firm.

Aromatherapy Massage

Treat your senses to a customized fresh scented massage (litsea and grapefruit) to find your energy once again and recharge your batteries.

Lift Bust

You'll get immediate fullness and a lifting effect with our lift bust treatment. It combines localized exfoliation, massages and a thermo sculpting mask mimicking the effect of a push-up bra. It is best when done in a series.



Body Cleanse

Detoxify inside and out with our Body Cleanse. The body and the skin will be rid of dead skin cells with a rich mineral salt exfoliation followed by a rich mud from the Eifel region to eliminate toxins from the body and re-mineralize the skin. The mineral spring of Aachen, located in the heart of BABOR's hometown, has a balancing effect on the whole body.

Aktiv Peeling

This active body exfoliation uses super fine mineral salt packed with minerals and a naturally scented geranium and lavender body oil to balance and provide a better equilibrium to body and mind. The skin is silky, moist and soft.

Aromatherapy Massage

Treat your senses to a customized clean scented massage (coriander and borage) to increase lymph flow and find a new sense of harmony and balance.

Volcanic Heat Pack

Take skin detoxification to a new level by adding this heat pack to your massage or body treatment to increase removal of toxins and debris while boosting blood circulation and inducing deep muscle relaxation.


A body booster and active treatment combines the benefit of deep anti-cellulite massage, combined with the proven technology of draining and detoxifying with fat-burning ingredients. The result is smoothed-out, slim and taut skin.

SPA Locator

Our SPA Loctor guides you to a BABOR institute or spa near you. Let yourself be pampered by our beauty experts.


BODY LINE THERMAL - Wellness with ant-aging effect.

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